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What is the Drug Court of NSW?

The Drug Court of NSW is a specialist court that sits in three locations, Parramatta,Toronto and Sydney in New South Wales, Australia. It takes referrals from the Local and District Courts of offenders who are dependent on drugs and who are considered to be eligible for a Drug Court program.

Why a specialist drug court?

The Drug Court of NSW attempts to address underlying drug dependency which has resulted in criminal offending.

Drug courts have emerged in a number of countries as a result of growing disenchantment with the ability of traditional criminal justice approaches to provide long term solutions to the cycle of drug use and crime - read more about the history of the Drug Court of NSW.

Where is the Drug Court?

There are three current locations of the court, in Parramatta, Toronto and Sydney CBD.  Visit our Contacts page for more details.

How does the Drug Court operate?

The Drug Court of NSW operates according to its governing legislation, the Drug Court Act 1998 and the Drug Court Regulation 2015 and according to:

Read more about the Drug Court procedures in Our program.


The Drug Court has Local Court and District Court jurisdiction. Its operations are governed by the Drug Court Act 1998 and Drug Court Regulation 2015, and the Court's past decisions and policies.              

The Drug Court Act 1998 (No 150 Part 3 Division 2 Section 24 'Jurisdiction of Drug Court') states the Drug Court has the following jurisdiction:

  • the criminal jurisdiction of the District Court
  • the criminal jurisdiction of the Local Court
  • such other jurisdiction as is vested in the Drug Court by this or any other Act.
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